About us

Green Serendipity

We have to fundamentally rethink the way we make, use and re-use plastics.

Green Serendipity is an agile consultancy for bioplastics, bio-based packaging and circular concepts with the focus on sustainable chain innovation from raw material to end-of-life. The services of Green Serendipity are well known for the acceleration of the transition from the linear fossil based economy to a bio-based and circular economy. We are an international team of experts, we connect supply and demand and vice versa and we advise completely independent without any conflict of interest.

Green Serendipity provides services as chain innovation, consultancy, renewable material and packaging expertise, matchmaking, brainstorming, innovative circular concept development as long as it contributes to the acceleration of the circular and biobased economy.

Also available for presentations, workshops, guest lectures or organization of conferences or meetings concerning the themes of renewable materials, sustainable packaging and circular concepts.

“Our motivation is always focused on making the right choices for a better environment and/or society.”

Skype consultancy is possible.

Our team

Caroli Buitenhuis

The driving force behind Green Serendipity is Caroli Buitenhuis, chain innovator and consultant with a proven track record in the fields of bioplastics, biobased packaging & circular concept development and also educated as packaging expert. She has brought divers innovations effectively into implementation (including several award winning innovations together with brand owners) and has a broad international chain network. Lecturer college for sustainable packaging. Writes articles on bioplastics and biobased packaging and also has a solid background in sustainable entrepreneurship, marcom and other media activities. Caroli is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Caroli Buitenhuis was also the initiator of (among others):

Jan Ravenstijn

Jan is Senior Consultant Biopolymers and Industrial R&D management and works for global companies in chemical and agricultural businesses, bio-refineries, OEMs, investment and consulting companies. He wrote an extensive global bioplastics review paper, is co-author of a bioplastics book for SMEs, is also co-author of a global bio-based polymers and monomers study of the Nova Institute ánd wrote several articles on bioplastics for a number of magazines around the world. Previously he also was a visiting professor on Biopolymers at several universities in Europe and in China. In 2016 he was appointed as a member of the Scientific Advisory
Board of the Aachen Maastricht Institute for Biomaterials. Jan is located in The Netherlands.


Harald Kaeb

Harald is the former chairman of the European Bioplastics Board and was an early pioneer in the area of bioplastics, already since 1992. He is a service provider for the bioplastics and biodegradable polymers industry worldwide and has direct links to a wide variety and a big number of players on all continents. From raw materials to recovery, from research to marketing and distribution, from chemical processes to finished products: Harald developed valuable know how in industrial projects and collaborations. He is in close contact with decision makers and performed studies for public commissioners. Strategic consulting is one of his assets. Harald is located in Berlin, Germany.


Allan Rasmussen

Allan has worked with plastic/polymers for more than 20 years. 9 of these years he worked for LEGO, where he worked with early scouting of potential more sustainable material for the future bricks. He has worked with various processing technologies and has an extensive knowledge on the different polymers and the additives/fillers that can be used to modify them. He has also worked with recycling of plastic – especially post consumer materials. Today, he also works close together with a company, who re-cycles old fishing nets into re-granulate. Allan has a Master of Science in Chemical engineering, a bachelor in Business administration and an executive MBA in Technology management and is located in Denmark.