Our consultancy is a global hub for sharing knowledge and connecting the dots in the sectors of nature-smart renewable materials for packaging and products. By renewable materials, we refer to bio-based, bio-waste, CO2- based and recycled materials. We also develop circular concepts and strategies to change the way we use and produce packaging and products worldwide. With extra focus on prevention of microplastics.
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Our services

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Bioplastics Hub

We offer knowledge, insights, advice and matchmaking in innovative sustainably produced renewable bioplastics. By renewable bioplastics, we mean bio-based, bio-waste, CO2-based and recycled bioplastics. These renewable bioplastics are already widely used for packaging, toys, consumer goods, agriculture and horticulture, medical supplies, consumer electronics and the automotive industry. We connect dots in the value chain. Welcome in the Bioplastics Hub!

Circular Packaging & Products

To fit packaging and products worldwide within our ecosystems and circular economy, our trained experts advise on sustainable certified renewable materials including the circular guidelines With special attention and in-depth experience for (complex) retail packaging, recycling (organic, mechanical, chemical), international markets and with an extra focus on microplastics prevention. Join the tribe!

Circular Concepts

We need to change the way we produce, use and dispose materials, packaging and products. Green Serendipity develops innovative circular concepts and strategies with focus on sustainable renewable materials for packaging and products and which can be recyclable, but also biodegradable if necessary, without leaving long-term microplastics. Traceless for next generations!

Consultancy for Circular materials,
Circular packaging/products, Circular concepts

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