Our consultancy is a global hub for sharing knowledge and connecting the dots in the sectors of circular materials (i.e. biobased plastics and recyclates) and circular packaging and products. In addition we aim to make a tangible difference by initiating innovative circular concepts to change the way we use products and packaging and which leads us to new supply chains that contribute to the transition from our fossil based economy to a sustainable circular bio-economy.

Our services

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Circular Materials

Chain knowledge, insights, advice and match-making in innovative sustainably produced, renewable, and generally available raw materials like biobased plastics and recyclates. These materials are already used in the packaging industry, toys, consumer goods, agriculture and horticulture, medical, consumer electronics and the automotive industry. We connect the dots.

Circular Packaging & Products

To fit packaging and products into the circular economy of the future, our trained experts advice on the complex chains of sustainable packaging and products ‘from raw material to raw material’. With special focus and experience in complex retail packaging for international markets.

Circular Concepts

Our aim is to accelerate the bio-based and circular economy; from ‘raw material to raw material’. Green Serendipity sets up innovative circular projects and also carries out commissioned projects.

Consultancy for Circular materials,
Circular packaging/products, Circular concepts

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