Bioplastics Hub

Bioplastics Hub


The Bioplastics Hub is the world’s first green cleantech hub dedicated to sharing cutting-edge knowledge on bioplastics for packaging and products (FMCG). By bioplastics, we refer to renewable carbon materials derived from biomass, biowaste, microbes, CO2/methane or from recycled bioplastics.


The Bioplastics Hub is an info and expo center that also offers consulting and services. As a biobased material library, it gives a comprehensive overview of latests innovations, including insights into the value chain, raw material sourcing, production technologies, sealing & barrier properties, impact assessments, certifications and end-of-life options. Additionally, information on microplastics prevention is provided.


Here, we connect dots in value chains to accelerate the transition from fossil-based plastics to regenerative biobased circular plastics. We collaborate with all partners in the value chain, utilizing cutting-edge technologies, up-to-date databases, and collaboration with international AI teams.


Additional focus is placed on the development and implementation of innovative bioplastics recycling technologies to ensure their integration within the circular economy. We collaborate with scientists to be sure that all developments are fact-based.


The hub is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but operates on a global scale.


A team of associated scientists and experts with extensive knowledge is available for research, development, and implementation. Discover the benefits and additional features that these innovative biomaterials can offer, connect with producers or supply chains, and learn more about topics such as plastics & packaging policies, microplastics, sustainable sourcing, certifications, bioplastics recycling technologies, or to discuss any other issue or challenge.


All sectors of industries are welcome to schedule a visit, consultation or innovation session at the Bioplastics Hub in Amsterdam. Or to arrange a meeting for (online) consulting services and projects.


The Bioplastics Hub is an initiative of Green Serendipity. Our expertise is ‘Powered by ChemistryNL’, which executes the mission-driven innovation policy of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. This allows us to operate entirely independently and without any conflicts of interest.


Cost-Free Consultation

We offer cost-free consultations for Dutch startups and SME companies (Powered by ChemistryNL).



For information, visit, consultations, or innovation sessions, please send requests to:


*  The Bioplastics Hub serves as the international biobased counterpart to the Dutch National Circular Plastics Hub (Nationale Circulaire Plastics Hub), which exclusively focuses on fossil-based plastics.