Bioplastics Hub

Bioplastics Hub

The Bioplastics Hub is worlds first hub with focus on bioplastics specifically for packaging and products. The hub is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, but operates globally.

Bioplastics with their beginning of life and end of life advantages and their special material properties have a lot to offer. This hub is an info & expo centre but also a consultancy. With bioplastics we refer to nature-smart materials based on biomass, biowaste, microbes but also CO2 or methane based materials.

The Bioplastics Hub gives a clear overview including insights in the value chain, sourcing, production techniques, sealing and barrier properties, LCA’s, end-of-life options and offers microplastics prevention expertise.


Experts with in-depth packaging knowledge are on hand for supporting the transition from fossil based to nature-smart materials. Learn which benefits or extra features these innovative materials can offer, get connected to producers or supply chains, learn more about microplastics issues or the recycling of bioplastics.

Retailers, brand owners, supply chain, packaging wholesalers or marketing managers: all sectors of industries are welcome to make an appointment to visit the Bioplastics Hub in Amsterdam (easy to reach by car or public transport).

The Bioplastics Hub operates completely independent and for Dutch startups and SME companies free consults are powered by the Dutch government (ChemistryNL).

The Bioplastics Hub is an initiative of Green Serendipity and powered by ChemistryNL

For a visit or consult, please send request to: