Circular Packaging & Products

Circular Packaging & Products

How can we ensure that packaging in the future will match a biobased and circular economy: the bio-economy? We advise companies and governments in making the right choices regarding future proof innovative renewable bio-based packaging materials by looking at the entire chain.



Green Serendipity is a consultancy and provides services as packaging expertise, matchmaking and chain innovation. Also for brainstorms or innovative concept creation with regard to biobased packaging. Available for presentations, workshops, guest lectures or the organization of conferences or meetings around the themes of bioplastics, biobased packaging or project for accelerating the bio-economy.

Skype consultancy is possible.


Retail packaging

Biobased Packaging.NL is 1 of the initiatives of Green Serendipity, started in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and launched to accelerate bio-based innovations in the retail packaging market. We do this by informing retailers, brand owners and SME’s on bio-based materials and their possibilities, advising them by making the right sustainable choices (checking the entire chain) and connecting them to bioplastics producers (or producers of recycled materials), compounders, knowledge institutes etc.

Skype consultancy is possible.


Workshop ‘Bio-based packaging in a circular economy’ (NL)

This workshop is an introduction into bio-based packaging in a circular economy. Available in Dutch (and English on request) and can also be tailor made. For more information in Dutch: look here. Also for interactive seminars or sessions.



Green Serendipity organized twice (in cooperation with Bioplastics Magazine) the International Conference on Biobased Packaging: bio!PAC in Dusseldorf, Germany. The next bio!PAC will be at May 28 & 29, 2019 in Dusseldorf.


In cooperation with Material District, Green Serendipity organized a Packaging & Graphic Village at the Material Xperience 2018 in Ahoy in Rotterdam, including presentations on innovative renewable packaging material and circular concepts.

In cooperation with EasyFairs, Green Serendipity organized a Biobased Village during the Empack 2016 and 2017 ánd during Packaging Innovation 2016 including the program content on biobased packaging for the two-day mini-conferences during the fairs. At the Empack 2017 Green Serendipity was also responsible for an interactive session of 2 hours on biobased & circular packaging.


Green Serendipity provided every 2 months an expert article on biobased packaging for Verpakkingsprofs, an online platform for packaging professionals. Please send us an email for a complete list of the former publications (only in Dutch available).