About us

Who we are

We are biobased materials consultants, scouts & matchmakers for retail packaging and fast moving goods.

Our focus is on regenerative materials based on biomass, biowaste, CO2-based and recycled (bio)materials. We refer to these as ‘renewable carbon materials’.

Our services also have an added emphasis on multiple end of life options (mechanical, chemical and organical recycling) and prevention of persistent microplastics.

We offer in-depth knowledge of cutting edge technologies and value chains and can connect you to our global network of producers, supply chain and experts.

What we believe

For an environment and society free of harmful waste and microplastics, we need to develop smart regenerative materials for our packaging and fast moving goods. Preferably with multiple end-of-life options: recyclable if possible, but biodegradable if needed. Traceless for next generations. Together with partners worldwide we develop and introduce materials that fit into the bio-circular future.

What we do

With an international team of sustainable materials experts, we provide insights and advise and we develop circular concepts and strategies for sustainable packaging and fast moving goods. We also connect the dots in value chains.

We are located in the Bioplastics Hub in Amsterdam. The Bioplastics Hub provides an overview of innovations in fossil-free materials for retail packaging and products.

Our services our ‘Powered by ChemistryNL’ (Dutch government).


Founder & CEO

Caroli Buitenhuis

Driving force behind Green Serendipity is Caroli Buitenhuis, bioplastics and circular packaging expert. With 20 years of experience, she has a proven and award-winning track record in bioplastics, biobased materials, circular packaging & products and in developing innovative circular concepts and strategies. Caroli is a trained packaging expert and has effectively implemented various retail packaging and concept innovations. Microplastics prevention expert. Judge of the EU & NL Sustainable Packaging Awards. Lecturer on Bioplastics for Packaging. Former board member of the Packaging Association. Writer of articles and organizer of events on bioplastics for circular packaging and products. Caroli is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Caroli Buitenhuis is/was also the initiator of (among others):


Associated experts


Reinier Grimbergen

Reinier is an expert in technologies that turn waste (plastics, biomass and CO2)
into building blocks for Renewable Carbon Plastics. He has a strong focus on
implementing science-based sustainable solutions within an industrial setting.
He holds a Ph.D. in solid-state chemistry and has a background in organic
chemistry. He served at DSM as an industrial scientist and led the global R&D
organization of the Resins Business Group. The last years he contributed as
Principal Consultant at TNO. Now, Reinier owns a science-based consultancy
firm and is co-founder of a startup focusing on the production of circular olefins. Reinier is located in The Netherlands.


Efrat Friedland

Efrat is educated as Industrial designer, and spent over 20 years focusing on adding value through materials and technologies in the field of Industrial Design and Architecture. She is founder of materialscout, a materials consultancy that helps market-leading companies generate value through creative, competitive and sustainable implementation of materials and technologies. Focusing on consumer tendencies, materials sourcing, processing, implementation, emotional attachment and end usage with a circular approach, Efrat connects the materials industry with the creative industry. Efrat is also co-founder of Positive Plastics: a toolbox and platform for designers and engineers, introducing
them to commercially available polymers with a lower environmental impact.
Efrat is located in Munchen, Germany.


Hans has a track record in fermentation, bioplastics, biobased chemicals,
pyrolysis and high-performance materials value chains. He brings innovations
from technology to market and is experienced in strategy, business & venture
development, technology scouting, due diligence and innovation project- &
portfolio management, product development, market intelligence and marketing.
He holds a Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry and a Nyenrode business educati
on. He has worked in the Chemicals and Plastics Industry for over 30 years at several companies such as Akzo, Corbion, Eastman, TNO.
Hans is located in The Netherlands.


Harald Kaeb

Harald is the former chairman of the European Bioplastics Board and was an early pioneer in the area of bioplastics, already since 1992. He was a service provider for the bioplastics and biodegradable polymers industry worldwide and has direct links to a wide variety and a big number of players on all continents. From raw materials to recovery, from research to marketing and distribution, from
chemical processes to finished products: Harald developed valuable know how in industrial projects and collaborations. He is in close contact with decision makers and performed studies for public commissioners. Strategic consulting is one of his assets. Nowadays his focus is fully on the sustainable toy industry.
Harald is located in Berlin, Germany.


Sandeep Kulkarni

Sandeep Kulkarni

Sandeep holds a Ph.D. in Polymer Science and is a technical consultant for sustainable developing and footprint improvement of retail packaging, including deep understanding of biobased coatings and additives. He gained his experience at large packaging companies such as PepsiCo, International Paper and Georgia Pacific. Sandeep is also part of the core team of Ubuntoo: an international platform with focus on providing solutions for plastic waste and litter.
Sandeep is located in the United States.